Helen O’Grady - Speech and Drama Programme

In pursuit of fostering well-rounded individuals equipped with creativity, empathy, and strong moral values, St. Xavier's High School has joined hands with Helen O’Grady International (HOGI), Edu Drama Academy. HOGI stands as the world’s foremost Speech and Drama company, renowned for its programs dedicated to language development and communication skills. At St. Xavier's, a commitment to excellence defines all our endeavors. Our collaboration with HOGI brings weekly Speech and Drama classes to our students, providing them with a platform to boost confidence and refine their personality development skills. The themes of these sessions are carefully crafted to incorporate universal values, ensuring an immersive and experiential learning environment. Students not only learn the art of self-expression but also discover the world as their stage, fostering collaboration, stimulating their creative selves, and embracing the freedom to experiment. The outcomes for each child are distinctive, as they embark on a continuous journey of self- discovery and well-being. Associating with such a prestigious and distinctive program, the school is dedicated to providing an international platform for students to express themselves, contributing to their emotional well-being and holistic development within a structured environment.