'The arts are an essential element of education, they unlock profound understanding and accomplishment.'

Xavier's High school with the aim to foster and hone skills of learners in collaboration with Trinity College London provides a wide range of courses as per the interest of Xaverians.
Xaverians are fortunate to foster their literary skills because of these courses provided by the school.
Trinity College London is an international exam board which assesses candidates in Drama, Communication Skills and Music. Through the syllabus and assessments Trinity helps build skills of Confidence, Public Speaking, Critical Thinking skills etc.
Trintiy works closely with the school appointed as Registered Exam Centre. The school have teachers trained by Trinity who in turn prepare students for the assessments and skill development.
Trinity participants are felicitated with the certificates which are internationally recognised and help in profile building of the students as well henceforth keeping the Xaverians a step ahead to soar high.