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A School with a difference..., where teaching is fun and learning is fun-tastic. The experienced and friendly staff with rich educational background, enable the kids to put in their best efforts to explore the new avenues of learning. Well-equipped labs for Computer, Science, Math and Robotics guide the kids to prepare for the global level competitions. Our experienced mentors have a good understanding of how children learn sound knowledge of the foundation stage and a commitment to ensure each child develops at his/her own pace. Our smartly planned curriculum ensures the overall development of the pupils.

Beyond grades,

beyond limits.

Discover the power of holistic growth.

The Alliances We Share


Helen O’Grady

Helen O'Grady offers speech & drama classes at St. Xavier's, building confidence & communication in a values-based program.


Trinity College London

St. Xavier's High School partners with Trinity College London to offer enhanced language and music programs.


NBA & Laliga

St. Xavier's offers unparalleled sports programs via partnerships with NBA & La Liga, empowering students to become well-rounded athletes.

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